We don’t currently have a formal acceptance process, but we follow the same basic steps many other communities use to determine if a guest is a good fit and to let them experience life here without a permanent commitment. The process begins with a basic application to give us a little information about who you are and what skills and interests you have.

Interested potential members are welcome to visit for up to 2 weeks at first. This visit can be extended into a stay of up to six months if all resident members agree at the end of those two weeks. At the end of the six month period, you will receive a decision on if you can stay permanently from that point on. We may also ask you to leave earlier if we feel like the community is not the right place for you.

Please have alternative plans available for at least that first six month trial period so that having to leave would not be a hardship to you. Unless you pose a risk to yourself or others and are leaving immediately for that reason, you will be given a minimum of 72 hours to make arrangements and leave. Most guests will be given as much time as necessary to make alternative living arrangements, especially if they are leaving voluntarily to pursue a different opportunity.

Requirements to Join

There is no fee to join or amount you must contribute to qualify for membership. Members who have an existing form of income, their own mobile housing, or both are prioritized at this point because they are better able to adapt to our specific community life. Once we have more established cottage industries and existing housing opportunities, this focus will shift. Do not be discouraged from applying for membership if you have no income, no mobile form of housing, and few skills. If you can arrange for transportation here and are willing to work hard, we have opportunities to help people without resources or assets succeed as well.

If you are interested in visiting for the purpose of potentially seeking membership, please fill out the application form below. Every person interested in membership, even if they are related or in a relationship, will need to fill out their own application. If you have questions and aren’t ready for the application stage, you can always email us at

Intentional Community Application